BLAZON STONE “Return To Port Royal”

“Return To Port Royal”
Everything about this smells of power metal. When done right power metal is majestic. Just listen to Sanctuary’s “Into the Mirror Black” or Omen’s “Battle Cry”. Or Running Wild if you like. When it is done wrong it is as crap as anything else done wrong. This is far from crap. OK, it is not by any stretch original. We’ve heard it countless times before but when it is done the right way this is some of the coolest metal around. BLAZON STONE seem to take their metal serious. Which means that we can gallop along with them on their journey’s of the seven seas. If you are looking for a modern sounding metal album you can stop looking here. This is classic power/speed metal the way it sounded in the 80s when bands like Helloween and Running Wild were cool. Timeless. Anders Ekdahl

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