Bleak Falls – “Another Rainy Day”

Bleak Falls – “Another Rainy Day” EP (

Vicious aggro core tempered by a dark English karma permeating feral youth inhabiting the forgotten towns of Britain. Vocalist Ridgeway has one of these raw, throat strained voices that only comes from serious binge drinking and one can only imagine what the rest of the band like the Vaughan brothers get up to when they’re not face down in the gutter – probably skating, smashing shit up and spitting at anyone dissin’ ’em. As such Bleak Falls reflects that hard n fast lifestyle with no fear of tomorrow: head kicking riffing and stomping rhythms that rat pack you on songs like ‘Rollin On The 60s’ bringing to mind comparisons to Terror, Integrity and Hard To Swallow. Still, it becomes even more despairing on the quieter tracks like ‘Dear Brother’ and ‘Pass A Promise’ reflecting the dark, brooding melodies of possessed souls without hope or encouragement. Seasons to be fearful indeed.

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