Blind Secrecy – “The Edge”


Blind Secrecy – “The Edge” EP (Inverse Records)

These guys (and lady) were formed around 2006 by ex Icarus members but after successive line up changes only guitarist / vocalist Marko Heikkilä remained, joined by long time bassist Heidi Saarelainen. Through that time, they’ve issued demos and mini albums, but this EP on Inverse, who’ve probably been patient in awaiting some line up stability, heralds a new beginning for the band. It’s a good investment, as the band certainly know how to play their catchy brand of modern metal that takes its influence from the greats of Megadeth, Iced Earth and In Flames no less! Metal on metal riffs mix with technical breaks and arrangements along with epic melodies on skillfully played songs like ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’, ‘Land Of Fire And Ice’ and ‘Man On The Edge’. This is grass roots metal, and while not breaking any boundaries still gives a firm nod of respect to any metaller’s heritage and roots, making Blind Secrecy no longer an unknown band.

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