BLITZKRIEG BABY “Porcus Norvegicus”

“Porcus Norvegicus”
(Neuropa Records)
I’ll admit that the whole notion of a Norwegian punk scene seem like an oxymoron. Much so an industrial scene too. But I guess that even in Norway there are things to get upset with. Everything might not be as glittery and cool as it seems on the outside. I know that there is a darker side to Oslo than Karl Johan and Syttonde mai celebrations. Blitzkrieg Baby isn’t what I expected them to be. I kinda hoped for some Einsturzende Neubauten kind of banging on steel plates and rattling chains but this is much more based on atmosphere and emotions than on raw brute force. This is light being trapped in a haunted house without any of the fun. This is like being trapped in the basement together with Norman Bate’s mother. Or like being trapped in the Shining. This is horror music without the fun of actually seeing the movie. I like the atmosphere it creates and the emotional state it outs me in. Anders Ekdahl

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