Blodhemn – “H7”


Blodhemn – “H7” (Indie Recordings)

Screaming black metal from Bergen! A one man project formed in 2004 by multi instrumentalist Invictus, Blodhemn has grown in strength over the years and now with this second offering is even poised to play shows with a live line up, supporting Mayhem across Europe no less!! Sourced from the pure essence of evil especially in its abrasive screaming and raw metallic guitar sound, Blodhemn is also progressive in harnessing dark melodies to complement the megaton blast beats stretching songs like the mid tempo epic ‘Holmengraa’ or the nihilistic ‘Fandesvenn’ and pure blackness of ‘Flammenes Virke’ beyond the 5 minute mark. For a one man army Invictus has done a superb job in playing all his instruments to maximum effect but moreover arranging the material so it comes together beautifully in its own grandiose light. With superb production only serving to complement the fine work, “H7” is rich in its captivating atmosphere as much as its big sound. All in all an excellent sophomore that will appeal to all but the most hateful of purists and more importantly, go beyond the realms of black metal to those seeking darkness with some style.

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