Blodig Alvor – “Mørkets Frembrudd”

Blodig Alvor – “Mørkets Frembrudd” (Indie Recordings)

Glorious Motorhead-esque anarcho punk from the harsh, storm battered coasts of west Norway! With the affectionately named Mr Molotov on surprisingly clean vocals, the rest of the band pummel away like a hurricane thru raw dirty guitars and heavy punk n roll rhythms on songs like ‘Start En Revolusjon’, ‘Svik’ and ‘Va?r Resignasjon’. Amidst the gale there are subtle but strong melodies and punk singalong choruses encouraging you to vent your anarchic anger towards society and mankind in general on the 9 tracks making up this album. Coming up fast behind other Norge bands like Kvelertak, Man The Machetes and Oslo Ess, Blodig Alvor (which means ‘bloody serious’ incidentally) seem to have a lot to scream about despite coming from one of the richest countries in the world – oh well, guess you can’t please everyone after all….

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