BLODSRIT “Diktat Deliberi”

“Diktat Deliberi”
Lately much attention has been focused on the battle a member of BLODSRIT has gone through with the authorities regarding his role as a school teacher rather than on the music of the band. But that will change now with a new album out. What might at first have been just a black metal band has with time evolved to become an entity all its own. BLODSRIT isn’t just another black metal band. This is metal that transcends boundaries. There is something more to this than just plain black metal. There is a depth to this that wasn’t there on the earlier albums. There is at times almost a heavy metal feeling to this album. All this while not abandoning ther roots of what made the band good to begin with. “Diktat Deliberi” is another fine slab of BLODSRIT. Anders Ekdahl

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