Blood Divisions – “Blood Divisions”


Blood Divisions – “Blood Divisions” EP (Metal Blade Records)

Wow, this is an elite class reunion of Florida underground metallers past n present – with Chris Jericho on vocals! Brought together by Nasty Savage guitarist David Austin, it doesn’t surprise me that ‘Y2J’ jumped at this given he is an avid follower of the Florida metal scene and Nasty Savage themselves were big, big wrestling fans, with vocalist ‘Nasty’ Ronnie Galletti incorporating this into their outrageous show. Joining the duo are Ralph Santola – lead guitar (Death, Obituary, Testament, Iced Earth), Terry Butler – bass (Obituary, Death, Denial Fiend, Massacre), Greg Gall – drums (Six Feet Under), Bill Owen – lead guitar (Purgatory), John Mahoney – lead guitar (Fester) and Ben Meyer – lead guitar (Nasty Savage, Low Brow, Gardy Loo). Interestingly, there are only 2 tracks on this EP, both of which are covers. First up is Nasty Savage’s own 9 minute ‘The Morgue’ with its haunting intro soon giving way to some classy neo classical guitar mixed in with slide before a chugging thrash rhythm allows Jericho shout outs of ‘The Morgue’!! The second cover came as a bit of a surprise, the Scorpions ‘Top Of The Bill’ which is from their mid 70s era (with Ulrich Roth) where Jericho does a commendable Klaus Meine take vocally, and the wild, far out guitar solos with plenty of tremolo certainly give Blood Divisions own guitarists plenty to go for!! Definitely stellar project, with a portion of the proceeds also generously going to the charity Rock & Rescue!

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