BLOOD OF THE SUN “Burning On The wings Of Desire”

“Burning On The wings Of Desire”
This is band that I have a history with. I’ve heard the previous three albums they’ve released and I liked what I heard. I don’t care what anybody else says. I like the whole stoner rock thing that happened a decade or so ago. Just like I liked Grunge when that happened. You just gotta sort out the good from the bad. And on the good stoner side you find Blood of The Sun. This is the kind of hardrock that I like the best. There is a groove to it that makes my feet move. Blood Of The Sun is like a cross between Molly Hatchet and The Hellacopters. This is booty shaking rock the hard way. If you’ve missed out on this band then it’s about time you do something about it. Anders Ekdahl

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