Blood Red Sky – “A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness”

Blood Red Sky – “A Cross To Bear & Hell To Harness” (Inverse Records)

Stonking balls out stoner blues rock from Finland! These guys might have only formed 4 years back but they sure play like guys who’ve done for yonks – guess there aren’t too many other things to do on those long cold winter nights except howl back at the wolves! Vocalist Riku “Richter” Tarvonen growls like a cross between a bear and Danzig while the rest of the band sound like a throwback version of Karma To Burn with syrup thick grooves, crunching bass and mammoth plodding drums on heavy duty songs like ‘Locked n Loaded’, ‘Stoneskin’ and ‘Skulltower’. This is an awesome debut from a band outta nowhere who’ve got some serious ass to kick amidst the other wild mayhem they no doubt partake in!

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