Blood Tsunami – “Grave Condition”

Blood Tsunami – “Grave Condition” (Soulseller Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Formed in 2004 and featuring Bård Eithun (a.k.a. Faust, ex-Emperor, Aborym, Scum), Blood Tsunami are a fearsome Norwegian thrash machine that take inspiration from 80s thrashers like Nuclear Assault, early Slayer and Metallica! With 3 prior albums under their bullet belts, “Grave Condition” delivers 9 face melting tracks straight from that era, but equally acknowledging the band’s own punk n roll roots which crop up here n there across the material. Originally intended to feature 4 new songs as a single but soon bolstered by previously unreleased material,  “Grave Condition” evolved into a full blown album, complete with a dirty but massive sound almost along death metal lines. From the pumping double bass driven furor of ‘The Acid King’ with its roaring vocals from founder guitarist Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem and wild solo from Kristoffer Sørensen mixing rock n roll and virtuosity, it’s pretty clear that this hellish fusion is just what sets apart Blood Tsunami and made them such an acclaimed band. Speeding up to blurring black metal on ‘Steel Meets Steel’ complete with cat screeching vocals, the raw but epic riffs and manic solos really show the intensity of the band, while on ‘Gargoyle’ they slow it down into a really cool death n roll groove with really thick guitars and Carl Thomas Morales Janfalk’s bass while shouting out the catchy chorus hardcore style along with some nice NWOBHM tinges on the melodic side and in the twin guitar heavy metal solo. Very stylish indeed, Blood Tsunami offer a very different take in bringing together old and new styles across a range of genres on this highly impressive 5th release!

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