BLOODBATH “The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn”

“The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn”

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I cannot believe that it is BLOODBATH’s 20th anniversary this year. And I have missed out on all previous 4 albums by them. I have been aware of them but for one reason or another I have neglected to check them out. Another major failure from my side. This new album is brutal death metal as fuck. With Paradise Lost’s Nick Holmes handling vocals you gotta wonder what would have happened to Paradise Lost had he kept growling. Musically this is an homage to Entombed and that death metal sound that came out of the late 80s/early 90s. But this is not some sort of old school indulgence. This is as contemporary as it can get. This is pure fucking genius if you ask me. perhaps one of the greatest death metal albums to be released in 2018, if not the GREATEST of 2018. No more words needed. Just enjoy the hell outta this one. I will. Anders Ekdahl

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