BLOODBEAST “Bloodlust”

With a name that makes me think of the old US thrash band Blood Feast this better be good or I’ll be massively disappointed. I don’t think I’ve heard a South African metal band before this one dropped in on me. At least not one as allegedly brutal as this one. And it was as brutal as expected. This is death metal with a very American slant. Think Immolation. Think Incantation. Think any brutal US death metal act and you’ll get an idea what Bloodbeast sounds like. The tempo could perhaps have been a bit higher just to blunt you even harder but you’ll get a pretty good beating from Bloodbeast as it is. Play this as loud as possible and you scare away all those nosy neighbours that have bothered you all those years. It will also clear out all bed bugs, cockroaches and all other vermin that might habitat in your home. Anders Ekdahl

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