Bloodbound – “Bloodheads United”

Bloodbound – “Bloodheads United” Limited Edition MCD (AFM Records)

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Swedish melodic power metallers Bloodbound return with a very special release dedicated to their ever growing fanbase! Titled after their fan club, “Bloodheads United” is a collector’s 10″ white vinyl mini album limited to only 500 pressings, containing one brand new studio song and four exclusive live tracks – all recorded at Bang Your Head 2017 – as a way of the band showing its gratitude and appreciation to those who brought them where they are today. Opening symphonically with a strong epic sound reminiscent of Sabaton in its stirring power riffs and brought to life superbly by Fredrik Bergh’s prominent keys and Patrik Selleby’s passionate vocals, ‘Bloodheads United’ actually sounds like its a live track such is the performance of the band, coming hot off their 2019 album “Rise Of The Dragon Empire”. Following the dark intro of ‘Bloodtale’, the imperious sound of ‘Battle In The Sky’ immediately captures you through its deep melodies both calm and dramatic, sending a tremendous wave of euphoria brought to inescapable climax by the massively heartfelt singalong chorus – so you can understand the roar of the Balingen crowd – wow! Not letting up on ‘In The Name Of Metal’ the crowd need no invitation to ‘..raise your fist and shout..’ to the anthemic chorus as you hear 40,000 ‘..screaming voices roar..’ while the twin guitars of Tomas and Henrik Olsson simply solo you into heaven – brilliant. Bringing in the atmosphere on ‘Moria’, Selleby tells the crowd ‘…you know what to do with those hands..’ before the galloping riffs set the crowd afire to massive chanting while the spiraling solos and utterly moving chorus bring all the passion home both in this stellar performance and ultimate tribute from Bloodbound to its fans!

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