Bloodbound – “In The Name Of Metal”

Bloodbound – “In The Name Of Metal” (AFM Records)

‘…you say I’m dirty I smell like shit, all dressed in black and my clothes don’t fit..’ – lol, with lyrics like that, Sweden’s Bloodbound also play big league catchy metal in line with Powerwolf or Lordi along with some epic choruses that I last heard gracing the film “Gladiator”! Despite being less than a decade old, the band have endured tumultuous line up changes, although that doesn’t seem to have impeded their success, having been a favorite on the Euro festival circuit and playing the likes of Sweden Rock, which testifies to the power of their catchy songs. Patrik Johansson sounds like a mid range version of Bruce Dickinson while Fredrik Bergh provides some cool creepy keyboard harmonies to match the dual guitars of the Olsson brothers, but it’s those lethally addictive singalong choruses that bring it home on songs like ‘When Demons Collide’, ‘Monstermind’ and ‘Black Devil’ that could give Helloween a bloody good run for their money! Simply brilliant.

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