Bloodbound – “Stormborn”


Bloodbound – “Stormborn” (AFM Records)

Majestic power metal from Sweden! Taking the chugging riffola of Judas Priest graced by operatic choirs a la Powerwolf along with trademark melodies, Bloodbound go right for the throat with their epic, chest beating metal that is as powerful in its sword wielding as it is in its heart, along with singalong potential coming across as a lighter (or mebbe I should say less serious) version of Accept or Manowar. It all harks back to the inspiration behind the band’s name that originates from the dark ages when men made ‘blood oaths’ linking the two as blood brothers that could never be broken and would follow them into the after life…! Formed in 2004, their debut album “Nosferatu” saw them tour with the likes of Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility and Sabaton and beyond that play Sweden Rock along with a bizarre collaboration with Paul Di’anno at the Bollnas Festival playing Iron Maiden classics accompanied by a symphony orchestra! Over the course of the years the band have gone through a number of vocalists including Urban Legend from Tad Morose and Michael Bormann from Jaded Heart but are currently running with Dawn Of Silence’s Patrik ‘Pata’ Johansson who offers supremely high n soulful vocals, making for an interesting and appealing contrast to the band’s bombastic delivery on songs like ‘Iron Throne’, ‘Made Of Steel’ and ‘Satanic Panic’. All in all a commendable album that leaves Bloodbound basking in glory delivering metal hymns of exceptional class!

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