Bloodbrothers II – “A Compilation of Recordings by Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus”

Bloodbrothers II – “A Compilation of Recordings by Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus” (Pitch Black Records)

This compilation continues the legacy of the original “Bloodbrothers” compilation, released in 1997 and now considered a hard-to-find, underground release. Capturing Cyprus’s first metal scene with bands like Regicide, Gangland and Diphtheria, the CD was the collaboration between Groovy record’s Panos and Rockshow radio’s Robert Camassa, who had returned from the US to a Cyprus devoid of metal in the airwaves, yet popular at grassroots amongst the kids. Spurred on by his radio show, demos followed and culminating in the island’s first metal scene that was captured in the compilation. Since then the scene has evolved and whilst only Armageddon remain, the members of those early bands have gone on to become promoters, own venues, run recording studios and even own labels – like Phivos of Diphtheria, who now runs Pitch Black Records, and is responsible for this next phase in the Bloodbrothers legacy. Featuring a marathon 18 bands ranging from well known names like Blynd and Arrayan Path to smaller bands like Lethal Saint and Under The Number between them they cover the full spectrum of metal from prog to femme to indie to power to NWOBHM! Whilst the production varies between some tracks what is impressive is the quality of the musicianship amongst all the bands and needless to say, their enthusiasm reflecting a truly strong scene. Bloodbrothers II is a proud and true underground compilation in the spirit of “Metal For Muthas” and “Metal Massacre” i.e. made by the fans for fans. And what became of Robert Camassa you may ask, well he still runs his Friday rock show in Cyprus faithfully to this day!

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