Bloodclot – “Up in Arms”

Bloodclot – “Up in Arms” (Metal Blade Records)

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The long awaited release from hardcore super group Bloodclot, “Up in Arms” as per its title takes it all the way back to the glory days of NYHC!!! Featuring a famed line up of John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Todd Youth (Murphys Law / Danzig) and joined by Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age/ The Dwarves) and Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age/ Danzig/ Eagles of Death Metal), Bloodclot takes in all the hatred and angst over social injustice, corporate and government greed, war, famine and destruction of the planet into one fireball release destined to set the streets on fire. Despite being a follower of Hare Krishna, Joseph doesn’t seem to have mellowed with age and is simply a maniac on this release, screaming and hollering just like he did back in the 80s as the front man of the famed Cro Mags, fueled by the wild and hardcore as fuck guitar of Todd Youth, another legend of the NYHC scene. The biggest surprises are Castillo and Oliveri, who clearly have dark sides to them and simply shred and pound to make their rhythm match the mayhem of the whirlwind vocalist and guitarist on songs like ‘Soldiers of the New Babylon‘, ‘Kali’ and ‘Slow Kill Genocide‘! That said, the sheer quality of names here ensures that this is no mere street shout out, with intelligent but provocative lyrics like ‘…killing the planet and all its inhabitants through industry and war, they’re fucking maniacs and must be stopped!!!..’ based on Joseph’s street philosophy of anger + applied knowledge = results. Musically, the performance is ultra tight with neck snapping drum work and especially Youth’s guitar work, effortlessly rolling together punk, rock n roll and hardcore riffs along with some blinding solos – well, he has been doing his shit since he was 12 years old! Striving to achieve the excitement and reality shock of luminaries like Discharge and the Bad Brains, Bloodclot is definitely the band in a long while to get close to that original NYHC style without sounding contrived or retro while graced by some top notch production courtesy of Zeuss (Hatebreed / Revocation). So don’t just whine. Fight to change it.

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