BLOODGOD “Rock’n’Roll Warmachine”

“Rock’n’Roll Warmachine”

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I get this lot confused with what I think is an American hardrock artist from the 1980s. But he could very well have been named Bloodgood. What I do know is that I have never heard a single note from BLOODGOD before I stumbled upon this 3 disc compilation of all official albums. And I am not too impressed by what I hear. At least not on the first album. But it gets better by album number two. If the first album was some sort of boogie hardrock by the second album they’ve turned more metal. And this I like. There is a better flow to the stuff from the second album. the opening track “Slaughterman” is like a “Painkiller” Judas Priest being fronted by Udo. And it ain’t as odd as it might sound. This BLOODGOD I like. There is a bite to it that sits well with me. By the third album they are back to a more bluesy hardrock sound. And while it is a total opposite to the second album this sounds so much better than anything on the first album. If I had bought these albums when they were originally released I would have been bummed out like hell but when I hear them as a compilation it ain’t that bad. At least they didn’t go from not so good to good back to not so good. Anders Ekdahl

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