Bloodloss – “The Struggle”

Bloodloss – “The Struggle” MCD (

This London band are fast becoming talked about on this side of the Atlantic – Bloodloss essentially play contemporary metal mixin it from the old school of Metallica during their “Master Of Puppets” era and In Flames probably during “Whoracle”. They also incorporate blast beats, dervish riffing and massive amounts of melody be it in their vocals, guitars or general harmonies. However, when I listen to the likes of ‘Paradise’, ‘Reborn’ or ‘Stand Alone’ what I like best is that Bloodloss don’t stick to any given formula or combination from song to song – indeed they even vary their combinations mid way thru a track, making for a varied theme and ultimately keeping your attention. Add in the excellent delivery in terms of tight musicianship and you’ve got a mighty unit who’ve perfected the basics – and got it right (as an English equivalent to Shadows Fall – Ed).

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