Bloodshot Dawn – “Reanimation”

Bloodshot Dawn – “Reanimation” (Hostile Media)

Battle Helm Rating

Blissful polymorphic brutality! While being familiar with the name as they’re well known in the UK underground having won the 2009 ‘Metal To The Massescompetition and playing at the Bloodstock Festival on several occasions along with tours of India and Japan under their belts, I’ve gotta admit this is my first time hearing Bloodshot Dawn, but mightily impressive they certainly are on this 3rd release. With a mass of touring experience under their belts, the musicianship of this quartet is nothing short of spectacular in terms of their technical ability, tightness as a unit, not to mention their composing skill – but honestly, the 10 tracks here blew me away completely! Featuring a range prominent guests including Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore), Paul Wardingham, Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless), Mendel Bij De Leij (Aborted) there is simply no let up in the energy being unleashed here from dexterous, polymorphic melodies piling out of the twin guitars of founder Josh McMorran and Canadian shredder Morgan Reid, who also double up on the vocal front between a mixture of trademark growls and a rawer style. Backed more than ably by bassist Giacomo Gastaldi and technical drummer James Stewart (also of Vader and Divine Chaos) who both definitely give a massive, brutal backdrop to the astounding melodies making up the music on incredible tracks like ‘Graviton Nightmare’, ‘Upon The Throne Of Fear’ and ‘Battle Of The Omniverse’. Recorded in Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic, “Reanimation” reflects a band that has evolved (and been unafraid to do so), learning along the way to craft such a masterful release as this. Bloodshot Dawn are a true credit to their nation and I’m definitely gonna see these guys live – well done chaps!

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