BLOODSOAKED “The Death of Hope”

“The Death of Hope”
(Comatose Records)
A really good death metal album does something to me that I can’t really explain. There is something to the down tuned guitars that get my guts moving in a most pleasant way. Bloodsoaked might have a couple of albums to their name but I’ve managed to miss them all. Too bad given what I hear on this album. There is a ferocity to it that attracts me. I like it when it feels like there’s no pardon, that you are about to be run over by a stampeding horde of buffalos. You can only sit back and take it with no possibility of defending yourself. I kinda felt like that the first time I heard this album. A good death metal album is like a great catharsis. A real cleansing of the intestinal system. You got rid of all the shit and ends up with just the most essential. I kinda feel like that after a trip with Bloodsoaked. Anders Ekdahl

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