BLOODSTRIKE ” Execution of Violence”

” Execution of Violence”
(Redefining Darkness Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is BLOODSTRIKE’s second album. I have their first one and I even did an interview with them back when it was released (or somewhat around that time). This is old school death metal. Everything about this release screams old school. From the logo to the art work to the music. And I just sit here soaking it all up. This is bloody brilliant in my book. It isn’t original for one iota but who cares when it is a massive overload of cool death metal. That is enough for me to feel like a child at x-mas. In a way it reminds me of early Entombed. In another way it doesn’t. But it is in that area this moves. Like an amalgamation of Entombed, Dismember, Grave and all cool Swedish death metal bands from the early 90s. Anders Ekdahl

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