Bloodthirst – “Glorious Sinners”


Bloodthirst – “Glorious Sinners” EP (Pagan Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Warmongering antichristian black / death thrash from Poland! Hailing from the cultured, medieval city of Poznan, I cannot imagine anything more hateful and bitter as if to be in direct conflict with this deeply religious country – and Bloodthirst fits that title proudly!! Inspired by 80s thrash like Kreator and the more hateful 90s war metal of Destroyer 666, expect nothing short of a verbose tirade against all that is sanctified. Predatory, haunting vocals liberally overlaid with foul grunts, raw hellfire riffola and a raging rhythm define this 5 tracker EP from these emissaries of utter damnation. Fueling the infernos of ‘The Viper’s Nest’, ‘The Reign Of The Antichrist’ and ‘No God Shall Stand Before Pope’, however, is an underlying talent creating some well arranged and catchy material along with dare I said it, tasteful black / death melodies that add even more hooks and grooves as inspired by the likes of Dissection. Equally, the band offer variations in the tempo to their in main fast music, allowing it to be appreciated all the more through the clear and competent production, as recorded in bass player Rybosh’s studio. Undoubtedly also fans of heavy metal as evident in some of their tasteful soloing, its clear there’s a lot more to this veteran band that have been going since 1999, so this release is an opportune moment to bask in the glory of their burning hatred!

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