Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect”

Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect” (Rising Records)

Howay the lads! These Geordies have been gettin about what with all their touring to Russia and the Ukraine no less! Rather than the likes of traditional British Death Metal, this lot have a more polished approach along the lines of Kataklysm with a strong mello-death element in their clean but brutal Metallica like chugging riffs as well as those all too familiar squeaking guitars. Aptly named vocalist Grym Cox nevertheless lets you know his foot’s on your throat though on songs like ‘Organised Genocide’, ‘Served In Silence’ and the cool titled ‘Hyperchrist’. Although not scoring in the originality, Bloodwrath’s appeal is in their generic, catchy and well executed material that is no doubt endearing fans to them by the bucket load!

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