Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect”

“The Hate Effect”
(Rising Records)

The problem with Death Metal is that it has a definitive sound that’s very difficult to expand. Sure, there are bands that have successfully fused in other elements to create doom death, blackened death, death n roll etc but at it’s core, it’s a small pond that only a few of the big fish like Death or Six Feet Under could successfully swim in. Anyone else runs the risk of being another clone. And that’s just the case with Bloodwrath, who are by no means incompetent – far from it in fact – but are certainly unoriginal on tracks like ‘Hyperchrist’, ‘Organised Genocide’ and ‘The Devil’s Look’. To be fair, these Geordies have only been going a coupla years and I guess are still finding their feet, and that’s what this album is, a serving up of the most popular death metal flavours from squeaking guitars to blast beats to Barnesque cannibal shrills from the unbelievably named Grym Cox LOL! All well done by no means but only having been done before by a million others – if there’s a saving grace then it hasta be the slow, dervish power riffs that the band occasionally use, so perhaps more of these in the future lads knoworrimean?
-Shan Siva
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