Bloody Hammers – “Lovely Sort Of Death”


Bloody Hammers – “Lovely Sort Of Death” (Napalm Records)

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Looking like black metallers and with a name like Bloody Hammers you gotta wonder what’s going on? Well to vocalist / bassist / guitarist Anders Manga and his keyboardist wife Devallia its all part of a naturally flowing process that brings together big fuzzy guitars, goth and especially darkwave. Unsurprising really considering Manga is already a well known darkwave artist who’s been releasing his own material for the best part of a decade. As influenced by Sabbath as Nick Cave and Gary Numan, “Lovely Sort Of Death” certainly mixes it up in fine style effortlessly flitting between and combining all these styles into fresh yet unpredictable songs, all of which however, are possessed of a powerful hypnotic effect in no small part due to Devallia’s futuristic and creepy keyboards! From the gloom of ‘The Reaper Comes’ with its delicately strummed bass and trance vocals giving way to heavy drums and violins to the more upbeat goth rock of ‘Messalina’ with its heavy dirty bass, baritone vocals and this time wailing guitars completed by Devallia’s space rock sounds. With ‘Shadow Out of Time‘ taking the trance trip really into the next galaxy through Devallia’s prominent keys, ‘Astral Traveler‘ is easily the album’s heaviest track with an uptempo mix of fuzz rock and creepy choral keys all rolled into a catchy groove. For the new wavers and goths then ‘Lights Come Alive‘ with its memorable 80s sound and opener ‘Bloodletting On the Kiss‘ will no doubt make the mascara run. In any case it all works a treat in bringing to light the incredible talent of this duo. If you’re looking for something different yet also identifiable then “Lovely Sort Of Death” is the one for you.

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