Bloody Hammers – “Songs Of Unspeakable Terror”

Bloody Hammers – “Songs Of Unspeakable Terror” (Napalm Records)
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If you’re a fan of horror punk rock à la the Misfits and Cramps, then you’re gonna love this in bunches! Bringing you 11 sweet tracks in this coffin casket, the Transylvanian (County) duo of Anders Manga (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) & Devallia (Keyboards/Organ), aka Bloody Hammers, show you why this genre remains a cult favourite even to this day as they bop and croon to the immense singalong melodies and raw punk power on “Songs Of Unspeakable Terror”. Take note that this isn’t a covers album as such, but a covid incepted creative escape inspired by Manga’s favourite NY / NJ bands including the Ramones and Twisted Sister, although pulled off with typical gothic finesse by this husband and wife team, who’ve previously issued 5 full length releases across the near decade that Bloody Hammers have been active. Tearing into you on ‘Hands Of The Ripper’ through its syrup thick guitars and monster bass, Manga’s laid back Virginian croons offer no less a powerful contrast to the huge wall of noise delivering the pumping catchy grooves to warm even the coldest of souls. Bringing back memories of late 70s Misfits on ‘Witchfinder General’ through its evil Elvis vocals of ‘…bringing back execution…’ and matching chainsaw punk riffs, it’s the throbbing bass that propels this superb number into the mind as well as the loins. Not losing the Bloody Hammers’ touch on ‘Waking The Dead’, this song skilfully packages brooding heaviness in an upbeat tempo to get the heart pumping and topped off by irresistible soul soothing Misfits croons and ultra catchy singalong harmonies – superb. Ending in a similar vein on ‘I Spit On Your Corpse’, the dense combination of heavy but melodic punk riffs is simply possessive, especially when the vocal style, being reminiscent of Dave Vanian, adds its suave gothic touch to bring this amazing album to a blissful close but kicking off the new year in fine style – wonderful!
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