Bloody Hammers – “The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers”

Bloody Hammers – “The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers” EP Limited Edition (Napalm Records)

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Probably one of the most underrated underground bands around, Bloody Hammers have been going since 2012, amassing a cult following for their steadfast, unconventional style that goes well beyond the grave! Made up of the husband & wife duo of Anders Manga (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Devallia (creepy organs & keys) their mesmerizing style is a combination of hard rock, metal, goth and new wave all brilliantly composed into enchanting, soul possessing material that has already graced 4 prior albums. Hailing from Transylvania County NC, abundant with its dark mountains and deep forests, there’s a definite occult vibe also, although nothing evil as reflected in the band’s take on cheesy retro horror flics. The power and atmosphere of Bloody Hammers music, however, cannot be understated and on this limited edition 300 copy EP, the 6 tracks once again serve up the goods as if cooked by the dark one himself! With heavy crunching guitars and a matching hard rhythm, Devallia’s sinister synthesizers once again do their devilish work, weaving creepy melodies and misty ambience into your mind as Manga’s baritone vocals and forsaken wails haunt you the night away to the sounds of ‘Vultures Circle Overland‘ while the contrast is brilliant on the ambient synth heavy ‘The Beyond‘ with a strong early 80s new wave beat that works in its own right as only the talent of Bloody Hammers can do. Sorta mixing the styles in ‘The Bloodsucker Leads The Dance‘ with a low, almost distorted bass and creepy church organ keys, Manga’s brooding close to hushed tones tell the tale amid dull, thudding drums and Devallia’s delicate piano melodies laced over the top. Without a doubt yet another top notch release, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone new to the band – except that all the copies would already be long gone!!!!

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