Bloody Hammers – “Under Satan’s Sun”


Bloody Hammers – “Under Satan’s Sun” (Napalm Records)

Hailing from Transylvania County NC, Bloody Hammers are aptly named, taking inspiration from classic horror writers like HP Lovecraft and more recent 70s horror like Hammer House Of Horror. Fronted by the husband n wife duo of Anders Manga (Bass/Vocals) and Devallia (Piano/Organ), Bloody Hammers’s own music is essentially gothic stoner rock with its roots also in the 70s, along with a southern tinge. From Manga’s hippy harmony vocals to his heavily fuzzed ‘Big Muff’ guitars, Devallia’s organ comes in with its creepy melodies and occult touches to groovy songs like ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown’ or ‘Welcome To The Horror Show’. However, with their influences ranging from Bauhaus to Danzig and Tom Waits, Bloody Hammers also show they can handle straight up soulful power rockers like ‘Dead Man’s Shadow On The Wall or the awesome title track that really reaches into your heart but thankfully doesn’t rip it out! Complemented by a punchy rhythm that keeps the material tight even in its more trippy moods, Bloody Hammers are a lot less harsher than their name suggests, having both a highly accessible n catchy sound, and overall being backwoods folk more spooky than satanic – well, that’s what the legends say anyways.

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