BLOODY TYRANT “The Overture Of Sun-Moon Lake”

“The Overture Of Sun-Moon Lake”
Taiwanese Bloody Tyrant impressed me the first time I heard them. So much that I interviewed them. Now it is time for a new 4 track EP. What I liked about them the first time was that there was something more to their black metal. Call it melody or call it attitude. Something it is and it adds to the overall impression of Bloody Tyrant being more than your average black metal band. This time around it is even more melodic, perhaps a tad less black metal and more akin to regular heavy metal. Not that I complain. I like what I hear. This is some of the better stuff I’ve heard in a long time. Too bad that it is only 4 tracks. I could have sat through a full album worth of songs. Anders Ekdahl

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