BLUE DAWN “Edge Of Chaos”

“Edge Of Chaos”
(Black Widow Records) ‘

Battle Helm Rating

I have interviewed BLUE DAWN on two occasions yet I haven’t reviewed a single one of their albums. Strange, but that will be changed with this one from 2017. BLUE DAWN is a heavy/doom metal band from Genoa, Italy. This is their third album. I missed out on the digital only second album but I have heard the first one. Although this is doom metal it is still aggressive in a way that I hadn’t expected it to be. With the dual male/female vocals there is also an added theatrical aura to this. In a way it is like listening to a horror show. The vocals tell stories all their own that together with the raw riffing and rather crude sound give this album an air of murkiness. If you like me am a sucker for old horror movies from the 70s this will give you that same kind of vibe. This one is a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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