Blue Origin – “Somnium”

Blue Origin – “Somnium” (The Animal Farm)

More harder than a bunch of fighting Uruk Hai, these Stokies have been cutting their teeth for the last 7 years in Northern bars and pubs playing their no nonsense brand of classic hard rock. Melding the grooves of Zepp with the soul of Alter Bridge and power melodies of Black Stone Cherry, “Somnium” has been built on a superb production allowing songs like ‘Whatever Happened’, ‘Godless’ and ‘Don’t Hold On’ to resonate the talented musicianship behind the band be it in a sweaty club to a stratospheric stadium. With a rabid fan base funding this album, Blue Origin are one of these grassroots acts that are the bane of every bubblegum band out there, cutting thru the bullshit with the purity of their rock. Big sound, big sights, big ambition – Blue Origin’s debut is built for the big league!

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