Blynd – “Punishment Unfolds”

Blynd – “Punishment Unfolds” (Pitch Black Records)

Despite coming from the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, big things are happening for Blynd. The last 2 years have seen them touring with the likes of Sepultura, In Flames and Sodom as well as a stop off at this year’s Bloodstock festival in the UK! Still hungry for more, they’re presently on the Black Abyss Tour with no less than Cradle of Filth, God Seed and Rotting Christ. In between it all comes the “Punishment Unfolds” which essentially sees the band drawing inspiration from all the bands they’ve toured with right down to guest appearances from Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and artwork done by Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh). Musically Blynd go for a straight down the line mix of brutal thrash a la Machine Head with melodic death a la In Flames. Heavy dervish riffs and growling vocals meld with deep melodies and spirited solos on songs like ‘Arrival Of The Gods’, ‘Never For The Fallen’ and ‘The Final Resistance’. Although by no means original it’s certainly done well enough and with a generic appeal that makes them such a lucrative act to have on tour so let the punishment unfold!

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