BODE PRETO “Inverted Blood”

“Inverted Blood”
With a name that in Portuguese means black goat you know that this Brazilian band won’t sing the praises to the lord above. I’m a huge fan of anything Brazilian (no not samba) and have therefore a great hope for this to be a total blast. You could say that this follow more in the tradition of Sarcofago than in the tradition of the more modern extreme metal that Brazil has produced lately. This is some really cool 80s sounding raw death/black metal that sounds as modern as the times we live in. if that makes any sense. They might be old school in spirit but that you don’t notice in the attack that is “Inverted Blood”. All eyes are set on the future. So buckle up and join BOLDE PRETO on their insane ride through some really cool extreme metal country. Anders Ekdahl

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