BODYFARM “The Coming Scourge”

”The Coming Scourge”
(Cyclone Empire)
Dutch death metal crew BODYFARM blew my socks off with their previous record. I love Bolt Thrower and BODYFARM gave me that kinda vibes the last time around. I really hope that this will tickle my spine in that ever so pleasant way a really great record does. Mix it up with a dose of early Entombed and you got a massive death metal album to indulge in. This is what death metal is all about to me. Sure, I love all kinds of death metal but I’ll return to this kind of death more often than might be considered healthy but I don’t care. When it is this good there is nothing that is going to stop me from overdosing on it. So if you like me love Bolt Thrower and early Entombed you too will have found the perfect mix in BODYFARM. Anders Ekdahl

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