BODYGUERRA “Freddy… Nothing As It Seems”

“Freddy… Nothing As It Seems”
I might be repeating myself a lot but 99% of the fun in doing this is to get to discover new bands. Sure, it is nice to get a follow up album in your hands from a fave band but then your expectations can be broken really badly. With a never before heard of band all you have is an open mind. I gotta be frank and say that this is the kind of stuff that I don’t get to begin with. It takes a couple of spins for me to get it fully but once I get accustomed to it I can appreciated it. there are traces of Iron Maiden in some parts of this album. To be honest I didn’t expect this to be as heavy metal as it is. This might not be the most intense album you’ll hear this year but it is still too good to be neglected. So look beyond the band name and the strange album title and you’ll get an album that grooves really well. Anders Ekdahl

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