”La Halha”
(Brennus Music)

Battle Helm Rating

With some bands it feels as though I am the very last person in the world to discover them. I feel that way about this French folk metal band. But I promise that now that I have come to know of them I will never forget about them. I just hope that my memories of them will be from positive things. I have no idea what they sing about. I know no French and even less Gascony. But I do know that I like what I hear. The mix of traditional instruments with a punkish power metal feel makes this an album that spreads joy to the world. It can always be argued that happy music is simple music but in my book simple is not necessary a bad thing. This one really surprised me. I just want to sing along to it even though I know no words. But I sit here and hum along to it like I haven’t done anything else. Anders Ekdahl

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