BOMBS OF HADES “The Serpent’s Redemption”

“The Serpent’s Redemption”
There used to be a Swedish band called Tribulation (not to be confused with the present day Swedish band of the same name) that went from being a rather good thrash band to some sort of weird Primus hybrid on latter day albums. The first time I heard Bombs Of Hades they reminded me of that old band so much that I wish that I hadn’t traded away all my old demos from back in the day. And they still bring back memories of that good old time. Not that I’m one for nostalgia but it is nice to hear all these old tones again. They touches palces in my soul that are so far back that you need an excavation to find them. Not that Bombs Of Hades are an archeological digging site. This is as state of the art as it gets today. It is just that the sound is one that speak volumes about what it was like back in the days. Anders Ekdahl

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