Bonafide – “Messin’ In Wales – Live”

Bonafide – “Messin’ In Wales – Live” DVD (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)

Recorded at Hard Rock Hell last year on their Ultimate Rebel Tour, Bonafide are a Swedish hard rock band with a sweet penchant for the mighty AC/DC. They were formed when ironically Australia’s own AC/DC succession band Airborne were just breaking big and the resemblance is clear. From front man Pontus Snibb’s Bon Scott with a hint of Rod Stewart vocals to the basic one two blues based hard rock riffs and accompanying rhythms, Bonafide aren’t gonna blow you away with speed, fire or death but just straight up rock to energize you right to your roots! Visually Snibb seems to resemble The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick resplendent in tatts, denim and Gibson SG while bassist Martin Ekelund opts for the Hanoi Rocks glam wear and lead guitarist Mikael Fässberg looks like he could be the band’s manager lol. With scantily clad fire breathing ladies adding animation to the backdrop, Bonafide certainly get a few heads nodding and boots stomping to songs like ”Butter You Up’, ‘Hard Living Man’ and the anthemic ‘Fill Your Head With Rock’. Certainly no frills, I actually think they shoulda called this “No Messin’ In Wales” cos that’s just what you get at a Bonafide show.

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