Bonded By Blood – “The Aftermath”

Bonded By Blood – “The Aftermath” (Earache Records)

With a band name like Bonded By Blood it comes as no surprise that these guys are thrashers, old school ones at that and needless to say, heavily influenced by Exodus, despite the band actually coming from the greater Los Angeles area. Vocalist Mauro Gonzalez is straight outta the Paul Baloff school of insane vox and the rest of the band are happily thrashing along to just like bands used to back in the 80s. Thankfully, songs like ‘Shepherds Of Rot’, ‘Among The Vultures’ and ‘Show No Fear’ also show a pensive side to the band, at a guess also influenced by Norcal techno thrash luminaries such as Death Angel and Forbidden. Either way, like hungry kids at the candy store, Bonded By Blood take all they can and throw it right back at ya, hook line and sinker!

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