Bone Gnawer – “Cannibal Crematorium”


Bone Gnawer – “Cannibal Crematorium” (Pulverised Records)

Glory unto death! Originally formed as a recorded project by two of the underground’s death metal legends in Massacre’s Kam Lee and Rogga Johansson of Paganizer, Ribspreader (and a million other bands), Bone Gnawer steadily became a real band with the inclusion of Naglfar’s drummer Ronnie Lie and multiple axe murderer Ronnie Bjornstrom (Taedeat / Hate Ammo)! An utter bloodbath that mixes the best of the old school with the new, “Cannibal Crematorium” also includes an incredible array of guests undoubtedly attracted by the reputation of Lee and Johansson, and these include Benediction’s Dave Ingram and Acheron’s Vincent Crowley among the better known names. Bringing together Lee’s bestial vocals, Lie’s nuclear speed drums and Bjornstrom‘s dirty guitars chop and rev up to high speed on songs like ‘Modern Day Cannibal’, while crushing equally on the slower, prowling ‘Carnivore Beneath’. However, Bone Gnawer’s true pedigree is in mixing the old with the new like on the epic title closer ‘Cannibal Crematorium’ with its diddly dee guitars and some utterly smashing drum work – simply magnificent! With the project’s original concept rooted in the macabre world of psychotic cannibals and serial killers, the music is reflective of this twisted insanity, hooking you in fiendishly with cool grooves and catchy hooks before cleaving you asunder in this stylish slaughter fest that features death metal’s best!

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