(Planet Metal)
I was with Entombed up till “Wolverine Blues” but from there I left them to their own devices. The death’n’roll that they had started to turn into wasn’t to my liking. I’m pretty much allergic to it now. So when I heard something that was resembled death’n’roll in the first couple of note in the first track on Bones self-titled CD I thought I was in for a bumpy ride. Luckily things shaped up and the CD turned out to be sort of a new favourite. Bones play a death metal that is so murky and raw that you’ll think back to the good old times when Autopsy was the riot. This CD brings out memories of hearing Bolt Thrower’s “In Battle There is No Law” and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost the first time. While not revolutionary this is pretty good stuff, if not “the stuff”. Anders Ekdahl

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