BONJOUR TRISTESSE ”Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare”

”Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare”
(Lifeforce Records)

Battle Helm Rating

BONJOUR TRISTESSE has a band name that I can relate to. In every day life tristesse is a common part. If you don’t know the word tristesse you might now the word boredom. In Swedish it is tristess. The repetitiveness of doing the same thing day in and day out. So say hello to boredom. This southern German band are all about post black metal. I have no hard time imaging the boredom of the German life. In a way we are no different, Swedes and Germans in that we like order in our life. Chaos is our worst enemy. I like my things in their right places, I want things to run as smoothly today as they did yesterday. If there are any changes being made I want to know of them in great advance. No, I am not weird(er), am I? But music is anything but predictable. And this album is anything but boring. This might have a very gloomy feel to it but even in the most gloomy stuff there is a glimmer of hope. And that is what I find in this album, hope. Anders Ekdahl

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