BONRUD “Save Tomorrow”

”Save Tomorrow”
(Escape Music)
I’m not one for looking back and reminiscing but I can’t help to still liking the soundtracks to movies like St Elmo’s Fire and Top Gun. Soundtracks filled with pseudo hardrock , or AOR if you like. There’s something to the music in these movies that makes me feel good. Don’t know what it is about the music that puts me in that mode but I gotta admit that I like the feeling. Bonrud’s album “Save Tomorrow” does that to me too. There is something very positive to the music on this album. Perhaps it is the up-tempo songs that makes my heart start pumping faster that makes me happy. Whatever the reason might be I like the fact that the up-tempo makes my mind work faster and that it washes away all old negative residue. This is the kind of positive music that everybody should take at least once a day. The world would be such a better place if people digested some positive energy instead of being all negative and down all the time. Anders Ekdahl

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