BORG 64 “Anywhere But Here”

“Anywhere But Here”
(Discouraged Records)
With a name like BORG 64 I kinda expected this to be more along the industrial lines and not so much hardcore per se. Hailing from way above the Arctic Circle this Luleå three piece might be the thorn in the Right Wing that is so much needed in today’s Sweden. Sure it blips and blops but basically this is what I imagine hardcore to be like when it is good. I can’t help getting a Star Trek feel when it blips and blops at the most. There is something otherworldly to this crew that you either can have or leave behind. I kinda think it adds character to the music. But that is right now. Ask me tomorrow and I might hate it. But I do like the hardcore side of this release. It gets my blood pumping. Anders Ekdahl

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