BORNBROKEN “The Healing Powers Of Hate”

“The Healing Powers Of Hate”
In many ways I miss never having had the chance to be a part of a band. But in as many ways I’m glad that I am not. I think I’d be a pain in the ass to work with seeing as opinionated I am. I have a ton of ideas that I would have forced onto others. Not that I would necessarily have been right and the band would have broken up before we’d ever started. Don’t know about the future of BORNBROKEN but they have at least managed to produce an album. I was never that into Pantera. I’m sorry to say this but I thought that they were too American in their sound. But listening to BORNBROKEN I can hear the influence they have had on metal. This is Pantera-heavy thrashy metal. You could say that there is a modern metalcore touch to it too. This is thick as the London fog in sound. You need a big mother of a knife to cut throw it. But there is a charm to BORNBROKEN’s thrash metal that appeals to me. Somehow I can’t put this album down. It’s too good to be slagged off. Anders Ekdahl

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