BOVINE “The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire”

“The Sun Nevers Sets On The British Empire”
(FDA Rekotz)
Sludge metal. Could it be any more British than that? It conjures up images of Fudge Tunnel and Deviated Instinct going at it in a dark and dirty alley. I have kinda high hopes on this one. That it will restore my faith in there being some attitude left in the British metal scene. And attitude there is aplenty and then some. Name dropping Fudge Tunnel might not have been so far off as this album plays out. Perhaps a bit more controlled but still with that on the edge kind of feeling BOVINE take on the world with their sludge. If my memory were a tad better I might have remembered what that British band that I am thinking of was called. They were being hailed as the greatest in a long while but somehow seemed to implode. Hopefully BOVINE will meet a better fate than that as this turned out to be cool. Anders Ekdahl

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