BRAIN DEAD “Menace From The Sickness”

”Menace From The Sickness”
(Punishment 18)
Somehow just from reading this band’s name I expect this to be a thrash metal assault. There is something to the name that conjures up images of thrash in my head. It is such a classic thrash metal band name. I get images of old album covers from band like Evil Dead or Nuclear Assault and whatever it was that the bands in the second and third wave of thrash were called back in the days. This is thrash metal the way bands like Defiance, Holy Terror or Death Angel played it. More west coast than east coast. Perhaps with the exception of Overkill. Don’t know why I didn’t think of overkill to begin with because if there is one band that this reminds me of more than others it is Overkill. This is some really cool thrash metal in that second or third wave kinda way. Anders Ekdahl

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