Brainstorm – “Firesoul”


Brainstorm – “Firesoul” (AFM Records)

Roaring German power metal from one of its original purveyors – Brainstorm! Formed in the late 80s by still surviving founder guitarists Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric, Brainstorm’s music owes as much to the speed metal of that time as well as the more conventional melodies we see in today’s bands. Fast chopping HM riffs jump and chugg away like ferocious dogs and all of a sudden they’re wailing in unison as the power melodies and manic solos come into play on songs like ‘Firesoul’, ‘Shadowseeker’ and the superbly suave dark rock of ‘..And I Wonder’. With an equally hard hitting rhythm come Andy B Franck’s excellent vocals which themselves are powerfully soulful and when used in unison with the choral harmonies, enhance the lighter aspects of this otherwise surprisingly heavy band in the power metal league. Their 10th album in their 25 year career, “Firesoul” is a definite must for those especially liking their power metal at the heavier end of the spectrum and bereft of the usual fantasy concepts despite the seemingly otherwise album cover. Moreover, it proves the longevity and song writing capability of this very capable band comfortably able to delve into their roots as well as live in the here and now, steadfastly treading the boards on the Euro metal circuit for over 2 decades without any signs of slowing down!

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